Message from the principal and director of Dhamma School

Dhamma SchoolAs parents, we value the religious background in which we were brought up and understand that Dhamma is one of the most important things that we can give to our children. Learning Dhamma not only gives an opportunity to understand their religion, but also give them an important tool that can be used in their lives especially in the difficult situations of life time. Based on this view, The Manitoba Buddhist Vihara and Cultural Association (MBVCA) consider conducting of Dhamma Classes for children and young adults as one of its utmost important tasks. The temple environment, Sunday pooja and Dhamma classes teach our children about the Buddhist rituals and values that stimulate right thinking. These two factors together develop Saddha in their minds. The parents would not want to miss an opportunity to provide an environment that promotes values, on top of their guidance, to a child for a happy and successful life.

Our Dhamma School consists of four levels of classes:

  • Pre-School class
  • Elementary Dhamma Class.
  • Junior Dhamma class
  • Senior Dhamma class

Presently the parent volunteers serve as teachers. The MBVCA Board and the teachers put in a significant amount of effort to improve the teaching materials and level of teaching for the benefit of our children.

While thanking all the volunteers for their tremendous contribution to the success of Dhamma School we encourage all the parents to use the Dhamma School to give their children the understanding of Lord Buddha’s teaching.


With Metta,

Sasanda Nilmalgoda Thiromi Rajapakse
The Principal The Director of Dhamma School